Virtual Issue: BES Young Investigator Prizes - winners and runners up 2010

Each year the BES awards a prize for the best paper, in each of its journals, by an author at the start of their research career. This virtual issue brings together the winning papers and those selected by the editors as worthy of special mention as runners up. Congratulations to all concerned.



Functional Ecology | Journal of Animal of Ecology | Journal of Applied of Ecology | Journal of Ecology | Methods in Ecology and Evolution


Winner of the 2010 Haldane Prize:
A multi-trait approach reveals the structure and the relative importance of intra- vs. interspecific variability in plant traits
Cécile Hélène Albert, Wilfried Thuiller, Nigel Gilles Yoccoz, Rolland Douzet, Serge Aubert and Sandra Lavorel

Turning northern peatlands upside down: disentangling microclimate and substrate quality effects on vertical distribution of Collembola
Eveline J. Krab, Hilde Oorsprong, Matty P. Berg and Johannes H.C. Cornelissen

Do leaves of plants on phosphorus-impoverished soils contain high concentrations of phenolic defence compounds?
David M. Wright, Greg J. Jordan, William G. Lee, Richard P. Duncan, David M. Forsyth and David A. Coomes

Context-dependent running speed in funnel-web spiders from divergent populations
Jonathan N. Pruitt and Jerry F. Husak


Winner of the 2010 Elton Prize:
Interacting effects of predation risk and signal patchiness on activity and communication in house mice
Nelika K. Hughes and Peter B. Banks

The phenology mismatch hypothesis: are declines of migrant birds linked to uneven global climate change?
Tim Jones and Will Cresswell

Paternally derived immune priming for offspring in the red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum
Olivia Roth, Gerrit Joop, Hendrik Eggert, Jonas Hilbert, Jens Daniel, Paul Schmid-Hempel and Joachim Kurtz


Winner of the 2010 Southwood Prize:
Conditioned taste aversion enhances the survival of an endangered predator imperilled by a toxic invader
Stephanie O'Donnell, Jonathan K. Webb and Richard Shine

Estimation of immigration rate using integrated population models
Fitsum Abadi, Olivier Gimenez, Bruno Ullrich, Raphaël Arlettaz and Michael Schaub

Cadmium pollution triggers a positive biodiversity-productivity relationship: evidence from a laboratory microcosm experiment
Jin-Tian Li, Hong-Nan Duan, Shao-Peng Li, Jia-Liang Kuang, Yi Zeng and Wen-Sheng Shu

Spontaneous succession in limestone quarries as an effective restoration tool for endangered arthropods and plants
Robert Tropek, Tomas Kadlec, Petra Karesova, Lukas Spitzer, Petr Kocarek, Igor Malenovsky, Petr Banar, Ivan H. Tuf, Martin Hejda and Martin Konvicka


Winner of the 2010 Harper Prize:
Modelling the growth of parasitic plants
Yann Hautier, Andy Hector, Eva Vojtech, Drew Purves and Lindsay A. Turnbull

Functional traits of alien plants across contrasting climatic and land-use regimes: do aliens join the locals or try harder than them?
Paula A. Tecco, Sandra Díaz, Marcelo Cabido and Carlos Urcelay

Do linear landscape elements in farmland act as biological corridors for pollen dispersal?
Anja Van Geert, Fabienne Van Rossum and Ludwig Triest

Variation in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi colonization modifies the expression of tolerance to above-ground defoliation
Etzel Garrido, Alison E. Bennett, Juan Fornoni and Sharon Y. Strauss

Evidence of the 'plant economics spectrum' in a subarctic flora
Grégoire T. Freschet, Johannes H. C. Cornelissen, Richard S. P. Van Logtestijn and Rien Aerts

The effects of plant pathogens on tree recruitment in the Western Amazon under a projected future climate: a dynamical systems analysis
Sally Thompson, Patricia Alvarez-Loayza, John Terborgh and Gabriel Katul


Winner of the 2010 Robert May Prize:
On reducibility and ergodicity of population projection matrix models
Iain Stott, Stuart Townley, David Carslake and David J. Hodgson

Phylogenetic signal and linear regression on species data
Liam J. Revell

Accounting for recorder effort in the detection of range shifts from historical data
Christopher Hassall and David J. Thompson


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