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To coincide with the 5th Annual Open Access Week, the five journals of the British Ecological Society are pleased to publish this virtual issue of open access papers recently published in the Journal of Ecology, Journal of Animal Ecology, Journal of Applied Ecology, Functional Ecology and Methods in Ecology and Evolution.

These open access papers have all been published through the OnlineOpen programme, and as of this week the British Ecological Society is delighted to be able to introduce a 50% discount for Society members wishing to publish their manuscripts through this scheme.

Ecological policy

The ecological research needs of business
Paul R. Armsworth, Anastasia N. Armsworth, Natalie Compton, Phil Cottle, Ian Davies, Bridget A. Emmett, Vanessa Fandrich, Matthew Foote, Kevin J. Gaston, Phil Gardiner, Tim Hess, John Hopkins, Nick Horsley, Natasha Leaver, Trevor Maynard and Delia Shannon
Journal of Applied Ecology 


Tree diversity promotes insect herbivory in subtropical forests of south-east China
Andreas Schuldt, Martin Baruffol, Martin Böhnke, Helge Bruelheide, Werner Härdtle, Anne C. Lang, Karin Nadrowski, Goddert Von Oheimb, Winfried Voigt, Hongzhang Zhou and Thorsten Assmann
Journal of Ecology

Assessing the effect of the time since transition to organic farming on plants and butterflies
Dennis Jonason, Georg K. S. Andersson, Erik Öckinger, Maj Rundlöf, Henrik G. Smith and Jan Bengtsson
Journal of Applied Ecology 

Oxidative and environmental stress

Energetics approach to predicting mortality risk from environmental stress: a case study of coral bleaching
Kenneth R. N. Anthony, Mia O. Hoogenboom, Jeffrey A. Maynard, Andréa G. Grottoli and Rachael Middlebrook
Functional Ecology 

Spatio-temporal variation in territory quality and oxidative status: a natural experiment in the Seychelles warbler (Acrocephalus sechellensis)
Janske van de Crommenacker, Jan Komdeur, Terry Burke and David S. Richardson
Journal of Animal Ecology


California annual grass invaders: the drivers or passengers of change?
Janneke HilleRisLambers, Stephanie G. Yelenik, Benjamin P. Colman and Jonathan M. Levine
Journal of Ecology

Using presence-only and presence–absence data to estimate the current and potential distributions of established invasive species 
Andrew M. Gormley, David M. Forsyth, Peter Griffioen, Michael Lindeman, David S.L. Ramsey, Michael P. Scroggie and Luke Woodford
Journal of Applied Ecology

Insect ecology

Causes behind insect folivory patterns in latitudinal gradients
Christer Björkman, Åsa Berggren and Helena Bylund
Journal of Ecology

Trade-off between travel distance and prioritization of high-reward sites in traplining bumblebees
Mathieu Lihoreau, Lars Chittka and Nigel E. Raine
Functional Ecology

Community and population ecology

Different but equal: the implausible assumption at the heart of neutral theory
Drew W. Purves and Lindsay A. Turnbull
Journal of Animal Ecology

Using evolutionary demography to link life history theory, quantitative genetics and population ecology
Tim Coulson, Shripad Tuljapurkar and Dylan Z. Childs
Journal of Animal Ecology

Long-term priority effects among insects and fungi colonizing decaying wood
Jan Weslien, Line B. Djupström, Martin Schroeder and Olof Widenfalk
Journal of Animal Ecology

Evolutionary ecology

Can compensatory culling offset undesirable evolutionary consequences of trophy hunting?
Atle Mysterud and Richard Bischof
Journal of Animal Ecology

Methods in ecology and evolution

How safe is mist netting? evaluating the risk of injury and mortality to birds
Erica N. Spotswood, Kari Roesch Goodman, Jay Carlisle, Renée L. Cormier, Diana L. Humple, Josée Rousseau, Susan L. Guers and Gina G. Barton
Methods in Ecology and Evolution

A simple method for in situ-labelling with 15N and 13C of grassland plant species by foliar brushing
Birgit Putz, Thomas Drapela, Wolfgang Wanek, Olaf Schmidt, Thomas Frank and Johann G. Zaller
Methods in Ecology and Evolution

Distance software: design and analysis of distance sampling surveys for estimating population size
Len Thomas, Stephen T. Buckland, Eric A. Rexstad, Jeff L. Laake, Samantha Strindberg, Sharon L. Hedley, Jon R.B. Bishop, Tiago A. Marques and Kenneth P. Burnham
Journal of Applied Ecology

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