Virtual Issue: In Honour of J Philip Grime

Edited by Mark Rees, David Gibson, Richard Bardgett and Amy Austin 


Professor J. Philip Grime is one of the UK’s most influential, and controversial, plant ecologists. Phil is a Fellow of The Royal Society, and also a member of the Dutch Royal Society, and has received numerous awards including The Marsh Award, Honorary membership of the BES and ESA, and the Alexander von Humboldt Award. In recognition of his many achievements we have collected together 15 of his most influential papers in the Journal of Ecology as a Virtual Issue: all the papers have been made free to access. To give some background to the papers Phil has very kindly written a post for the Journal of Ecology blog, which briefly introduces Phil’s research approach and puts the papers in context. There are some great photographs of the people, places and various experiments at the end of the post. In addition to this there is also a podcast where Phil reflects on his career and the changes in ecology over the last 50 years - he also answers several questions sent in via Twitter.

We hope that readers will enjoy this Virtual Issue, which highlights the breadth of Phil’s scientific contributions within the Journal of Ecology.

Mark Rees
Editor, Journal of Ecology

Core publications by J. Philip Grime in Journal of Ecology (1965-2007)

A Quantitative Analysis of Shoot Phenology and Dominance in Herbaceous Vegetation
M. M. Al-Mufti, C. L. Sydes, S. B. Furness, J. P. Grime and S. R. Band

Effects of genetic impoverishment on plant community diversity
R. Booth and J.P. Grime

Fluctuating resources in plant communities: a general theory of invasibility
Davis, J.P. Grime and K. Thompson

Interacting effects of herbivory and fertility on a synthesized plant community
L.H. Fraser and J.P Grime

Genetic identity of interspecific neighbours mediates plant responses to competition and environmental variation in a species-rich grassland
J. Fridley, J.P. Grime and M. Bilton

Benefits of plant diversity to ecosystems: immediate, filter and founder effects
J.P. Grime

Relative Growth-Rate: Its Range and Adaptive Significance in a Local Flora
J. P. Grime and Roderick Hunt

Seedling Establishment in Vertical Gradients of Sunlight
J. P. Grime and D. W. Jeffrey

An Investigation of Leaf Palatability Using the Snail Cepaea Nemoralis L.
J. P. Grime, S. F. MacPherson-Stewart and R. S. Dearman

A Comparative Study of Germination Characteristics in a Local Flora
J. P. Grime, G. Mason, A. V. Curtis, J. Rodman and S. R. Band

The Grassland Vegetation of the Sheffield Region: I. General Features
P. S. Lloyd, J. P. Grime and I. H. Rorison

Effects of Tree Leaf Litter on Herbaceous Vegetation in Deciduous Woodland: I. Field Investigations
C. Sydes and J. P. Grime

Effects of Tree Leaf Litter on Herbaceous Vegetation in Deciduous Woodland: II. An Experimental Investigation
C. Sydes and J. P. Grime

Seasonal Variation in the Seed Banks of Herbaceous Species in Ten Contrasting Habitats
K. Thompson and J. P. Grime

The role of genotypic diversity in determining grassland community structure under constant environmental conditions
R. Whitlock, J. P. Grime, R. Booth and T. Burke 

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