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  • Edited by: David Gibson, Richard Bardgett, Mark Rees and Amy Austin
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Accepted Articles

Fine-scale hydrological niche differentiation through the lens of multi-species co-occurrence models
Letten et al. 
Accepted 18 May 2015 

Peatland vascular plant functional types affect methane dynamics by altering microbial community structure
Robroek et al.
Accepted 17 April 2015

Scale-dependent responses of longleaf pine vegetation to fire frequency and environmental context across two decades
Palmquist, Peet & Mitchell
Accepted 16 April 2015

Parental environmental effects due to contrasting watering adapt competitive ability, but not drought tolerance, in offspring of a semi-arid annual Brassicaceae
Metz, von Oppen & Tielbörger
Accepted 16 April 2015

Revisiting Darwin’s naturalization conundrum: explaining invasion success of non-native trees and shrubs in southern Africa
Bezeng et al.
Accepted 13 April 2015

C:N:P stoichiometry of Artemisia species and close relatives across northern China: unraveling effects of climate, soil and taxonomy
Yang et al. 
Accepted 13 April 2015

Hydrological conditions explain wood density in riparian plants of south-eastern Australia
Lawson, Fryirs & Leishman
Accepted 8 April 2015

Globally, functional traits are weak predictors of juvenile tree growth, and we do not know why
Paine et al. 
Accepted 20 March 2015



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