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  • Edited by: David Gibson, Richard Bardgett, Mark Rees and Amy Austin
    Online ISSN: 1365-2745

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Accepted Articles

Variation and macroevolution in leaf functional traits in the Hawaiian silversword alliance (Asteraceae)
Blonder et al. 
Accepted 19 October 2015

Do arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi stabilize litter-derived carbon in soil?
Verbruggen et al. 
Accepted 19 October 2015

Success of spatial statistics in determining underlying process in simulated plant communities
Brown, Illian & Burslem
Accepted 12 October 2015

Breaking and re-making a seed and seed predator interaction in the introduced range of Scotch Broom (Cytisus scoparius) in New Zealand
Paynter et al.
Accepted 12 October 2015

Leaf colour polymorphisms: a balance between plant defence and photosynthesis
Menzies et al.
Accepted 12 October 2015

Ground ice melt in the high Arctic leads to greater ecological heterogeneity
Becker, Davies & Pollard
Accepted 6 October 2015

Quantifying how short-term environmental variation leads to long-term demographic responses to climate change
Robert Shriver
Accepted 2 October 2015

The advantage of the extremes: tree seedlings at intermediate abundance in a tropical forest have the highest richness of above-ground enemies and suffer the most damage
Bachelot et al. 
Accepted 28 September 2015



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