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  • Edited by: David Gibson, Richard Bardgett, Mark Rees and Amy Austin
    Online ISSN: 1365-2745

ISI Journal Citation Reports® Ranking 2013:
12/140 (Ecology); 12/196 (Plant Sciences)

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Accepted Articles

Habitat hotspots of common and rare tropical species along climatic and edaphic gradients
Xu et al. 
Accepted 19 June 2015

Does natural variation in diversity affect biotic resistance?
Harrison, Cornell & Grace
Accepted 17 June 2015

Rehabilitating the cyanobacteria – niche partitioning, resource use efficiency, phytoplankton community structure during diazotrophic cyanobacterial blooms
Olli, Klais & Tamminen
Accepted 12 June 2015

Disturbance alters beta-diversity but not the relative importance of community assembly mechanisms
Myers et al. 
Accepted 9 June 2015

Effects of climate on reproductive investment in a masting species: assessment of climatic predictors and underlying mechanisms
Moreira et al. 
Accepted 2 June 2015

Environmental gradients and the evolution of successional habitat specialization: a test case with 14 Neotropical forest sites
Letcher et al. 
Accepted 2 June 2015

Fine-scale hydrological niche differentiation through the lens of multi-species co-occurrence models
Letten et al. 
Accepted 18 May 2015 



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