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Accepted Articles

Alien and native plant species play different roles in plant community structure
Bernard-Verdier & Hulme
Accepted 20 October 2014

Plant volatiles cause direct, induced and associational resistance in common bean to the fungal pathogen Colletotrichum lindemuthianum
Quintana-Rodriguez et al. 
Accepted 17 October 2014

Fungal symbiont effects on dune plant diversity depend on precipitation
Rudgers et al. 
Accepted 15 October 2014

Partner diversity and identity impacts on plant productivity in Acacia-rhizobial interactions
Barrett et al. 
Accepted 8 October 2014

Disentangling dispersal from phylogeny in the colonization capacity of forest understorey plants
Baeten et al. 
Accepted 6 October 2014

Hydrological niches in terrestrial plant communities: A review
Silvertown, Araya & Gowing
Accepted 6 October 2014

The consequences of demand-driven seed provisioning for sexual differences in reproductive investment in Thalictrum occidentale (Ranunculaceae)
Ida, Harder & Kudo
Accepted 1 October 2014

Tree diversity and the role of non-host neighbour tree species in reducing fungal pathogen infestation
Hantsch et al.
Accepted 12 August

Impact of exotic insect herbivores on native tritrophic interactions: a case study of the African cotton leafworm, Spodoptera littoralis and insects associated with the field mustard Brassica rapa
Chabaane et al.
Accepted 23 July 2014


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