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Accepted Articles

Desert shrub responses to experimental modification of precipitation seasonality and soil depth: relationship to the two-layer hypothesis and ecohydrological niche
Germino & Reinhardt
Accepted 23 April 2014

Tropical forest wood production: a cross-continental comparison
Banin et al.
Accepted 14 April 2014

Decoupled evolution of foliar freezing resistance, temperature-niche and morphological leaf traits in Chilean Myrceugenia
Pérez et al.
Accepted 14 April 2014

Both flowering time and distance to conspecific plants affect reproduction in Echinacea angustifolia, a common prairie perennial
Ison & Wagenius
Accepted 14 April 2014

How much of the world is woody?
FitzJohn et al.
Accepted 11 April 2014

An ideal free distribution explains the root production of plants that do not engage in a tragedy of the commons game
McNickle & Brown
Accepted 8 April 2014

Heterogeneity in plant-soil feedbacks and resident population dynamics affect mutual invasibility
Burns & Brandt
Accepted 7 April 2014

Influence of land use and climate on recent forest expansion: a case study in the Eurosiberian-Mediterranean limit of northwest Spain
Álvarez-Martínez et al. 
Accepted 4 April 2014

Differential allocation and deployment of direct and indirect defences of Vicia sepium along elevation gradients
Rasmann et al.
Accepted 25 March 2014


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News & Highlights 

"Multiple mechanisms for trait effects on litter decomposition: moving beyond home-field advantage with a new hypothesis" by Freschet, Aerts & Cornelissen (100:3) was awarded the “Prix La Recherche 2013" from the popular, French science magazine “La Recherche”,

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Mosses lose their sex drive on islands - LA Times (26 July 2013) feature paper by Patiño et al.

A paper from the senescence Special Feature (101:3) by Morales et al. has been selected as an Editor’s Choice by Science.

Whitebark Pine Trees: Is Their Future at Risk? (10 June 2013) NSF feature the paper by Rapp, McIntire & Crone

Caribou the missing piece of arctic warming puzzle (1 May 2013) - now read the recently published Journal of Ecology paper, which inspired the headline.

Gunning for Gunnera in the Irish Times on 15 March 2013 refer to the Biological Flora paper by Gioria & Osborne.

Nature Research Highlights on 26 April 2012 'Tree cover–fire feedback'. Read the paper by Trauernicht et al. online now.

Blowin' in the wind? Conservation Magazine, on 16 January 2012, summarise our Centenary Symposium Special Feature paper by Bullock et al.

BBC Nature on 23 November 2011 report findings from the paper by Padilla et al. in a photo feature "Seeds survive being eaten twice". Also featured on BBC Mundo (Spanish).

Nature Research Highlights on 7 September 2011 "Enduring herb improves with age". Read the full article by Garcia, Dahlgren and Ehrlén.

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