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  • Edited by: David Gibson, Richard Bardgett, Mark Rees and Amy Austin
    Online ISSN: 1365-2745

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Accepted Articles

Fungal effects on plant-plant interactions contribute to grassland plant abundances: Evidence from the field
Bennett and Cahill Jr.
Accepted 5 February 2016

Size asymmetry of resource competition and the structure of plant communities
DeMalach et al.
Accepted 5 February 2016

Mediterranean and temperate treelines are controlled by different environmental drivers
Piper et al.
Accepted 4 February 2016

Germination patterns in three terrestrial orchids relate to abundance of mycorrhizal fungi
McCormick et al.
Accepted 4 February 2016

Individual resource-limitation combined with population-wide pollen availability drives masting in the valley oak (Quercus lobata)
Pesendorfer et al.
Accepted 28 January 2016

Roles of pathogens on replacement of tree seedlings in heterogeneous light environments in a temperate forest: a reciprocal seed sowing experiment
Fukasawa and Seiwa
Accepted 27 January 2016

Ecological effects of artificial light at night on wild plants
Bennie et al. 
Accepted 27 January 2016

The role of water and fire in driving tree dynamics in Australian savannas
Strickland et al.
Accepted 27 January 2016

Density-dependent seedling mortality varies with light availability and species abundance in wet and dry Hawaiian forests
Inman-Narahari et al.
Accepted 27 January 2016



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