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Accepted Articles

Long-term plant responses to climate are moderated by biophysical attributes in a North American desert
Munson et al. 
Accepted 29 January 2014

Long-term C, N and P allocation to reproduction in Bornean tropical rain forests
Kitayama et al.
Accepted 26 January 2015

Niche construction by growth forms is as strong a predictor of species diversity as environmental gradients
Bråthen & Ravolainen
Accepted 26 January 2015

Variation in neighbourhood context shapes frugivore-mediated facilitation and competition among co-dispersed plant species
Albrecht et al. 
Accepted 15 January 2015

Effects of experimentally simulated pollinator decline on recruitment in two European herbs
Lundgren, Lázaro & Totland
Accepted 13 January 2015

The effectiveness and costs of pathogen resistance strategies in a perennial plant
Hanna & Laine
Accepted 9 January 2015 

Environmental heterogeneity leads to higher plasticity in dry-edge populations of a semiarid Chilean shrub: insights into climate change responses
Lázaro-Nogal et al. 
Accepted 9 January 2015

Edge-mediated compositional and functional decay of tree assemblages in Amazonian forest islands after 26 years of isolation
Benchimol & Peres
Accepted 9 January 2015

Erosion of beta diversity under interacting global change impacts in a semiarid grassland
Eskelinen & Harrison 
Accepted 3 December 2014

Bryophyte communities in the Amazon forest are regulated by height on the host tree and site elevation
Mota de Oliveira & ter Steege 
Accepted 3 December 2014

Relative density and dispersion pattern of two southern African Asteraceae affect fecundity through heterospecific interference and mate availability, not pollinator visitation rate
de Waal, Anderson & Ellis
Accepted 2 December 2014

Vegetation patterns in small boreal streams relate to ice and winter floods
Lind & Nilsson
Accepted 27 November 2014

Smooth brome invasion increases rare soil bacterial species prevalence and alters soil bacterial community composition
Piper et al. 
Accepted 27 November 2014

Early human impact (5000–3000 BC) affects mountain forest dynamics in the Alps
Schwörer et al.
Accepted 26 November 2014

Over-yielding in mixed forests decreases with site productivity
Toïgo et al. 
Accepted 20 November 2014

Root community traits along a land use gradient: evidence of a community-level economics spectrum
Prieto et al. 
Accepted 7 November 2014

Earthworm invasion, white-tailed deer and seedling establishment in deciduous forests of northeastern North America
Dobson & Blossey
Accepted 31 October 2014

Episodic bamboo die-off, neighbourhood interactions, and tree seedling performance in a Patagonian mixed forest
Caccia, Kitzberger & Chaneton
Accepted 30 October 2014

Range expansion in asexual dandelions: selection for general-purpose genotypes?
Oplaat & Verhoeven 
Accepted 30 October 2014


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