Virtual Issue: Facilitation & Scaling

Edited by David Gibson, Richard Bardgett, Mark Rees and Amy Austin

September 2013

The Editors of Journal of Ecology are pleased to present this Virtual Issue on Facilitation and Scaling to coincide with the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Germany. At this meeting Chris Smit, Santiago Soliveres, Fernando Maestre and Johannes Metz are organising a special session, which will discuss the progress that has been made in facilitation research since the last international meeting focused on facilitation took place in 2009. Read Santiago Soliveres’ post on the Journal of Ecology blog for further information.

This Virtual Issue is a selection of 16 papers published in Journal of Ecology over the last 2 years on the topics of facilitation and scaling. The papers included in this Virtual Issue reflect the international scope and range of Journal of Ecology. The journal is the oldest ecological journal in the world, published continuously since 1913 by the British Ecological Society. The Journal of Ecology is one of the most important ecological journals available, having an Impact Factor in 2012 of 5.431 and being ranked 14th of 136 ecological journals. We invite you to follow Journal of Ecology on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, as well as visiting the Journal’s blog

Volume 101 (2013)

Reduced availability of rhizobia limits the performance but not invasiveness of introduced Acacia
Elizabeth M. Wandrag, Andy Sheppard, Richard P. Duncan and Philip E. Hulme

Parental environments and interactions with conspecifics alter salinity tolerance of offspring in the annual Medicago truncatula
Brenna M. Castro, Ken S. Moriuchi, Maren L. Friesen, Mounawer Badri, Sergey V. Nuzhdin, Sharon Y. Strauss, Douglas R. Cook and Eric von Wettberg

Variability in functional traits mediates plant interactions along stress gradients
Christian Schöb, Cristina Armas, Manuela Guler, Iván Prieto and Francisco I. Pugnaire

Uncovering multiscale effects of aridity and biotic interactions on the functional structure of Mediterranean shrublands
Nicolas Gross, Luca Börger, Sara I. Soriano-Morales, Yoann Le Bagousse-Pinguet, José L. Quero, Miguel García-Gómez, Enrique Valencia-Gómez and Fernando T. Maestre

Spatial and temporal variability in positive and negative plant–bryophyte interactions along a latitudinal gradient
Simon W. Doxford, Mark K. J. Ooi and Robert P. Freckleton

Effects of litter on seedling establishment in natural and semi-natural grasslands: a meta-analysis
Alejandro Loydi, R. Lutz Eckstein, Annette Otte and Tobias W. Donath

Tree effects on grass growth in savannas: competition, facilitation and the stress-gradient hypothesis
Justin Dohn, Fadiala Dembélé, Moussa Karembé, Aristides Moustakas, Kosiwa A. Amévor and Niall P. Hanan

Volume 100 (2012)

Snail grazing facilitates growth of two morphologically similar bloom-forming Ulva species through different mechanisms
Michele Guidone, Carol S. Thornber and Emily Vincent

Gender and abiotic stress affect community-scale intensity of facilitation and its costs
Brittany H. Cranston, Ragan M. Callaway, Adrian Monks and Katharine J. M. Dickinson

Fine-scale spatial heterogeneity and incoming seed diversity additively determine plant establishment 
Paul J. Richardson, Andrew S. MacDougall and Douglas W. Larson

Inferring community assembly mechanisms from functional diversity patterns: the importance of multiple assembly processes
Marko J. Spasojevic and Katharine N. Suding

Positive effect of shade on plant growth: amelioration of stress or active regulation of growth rate?
Marina Semchenko, Mari Lepik, Lars Götzenberger and Kristjan Zobel

Photosynthesis and productivity in heterogeneous arctic tundra: consequences for ecosystem function of mixing vegetation types at stand edges
Benjamin J. Fletcher, Jemma L. Gornall, Rafael Poyatos, Malcolm C. Press, Paul C. Stoy, Brian Huntley, Robert Baxter and Gareth K. Phoenix

Genetic basis of pathogen community structure for foundation tree species in a common garden and in the wild
Posy E. Busby, George Newcombe, Rodolfo Dirzo and Thomas G. Whitham

Differences between symmetric and asymmetric facilitation matter: exploring the interplay between modes of positive and negative plant interactions
Yue Lin, Uta Berger, Volker Grimm and Qian-Ru Ji

Joint consequences of dispersal and niche overlap on local diversity and resource use
Benjamin Gilbert

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