Virtual Issue: In Honour of Deborah Goldberg

Edited by David Gibson, Richard Bardgett, Amy Austin and Mark Rees

The Editors of the Journal of Ecology are pleased to honour Professor Deborah Goldberg in our continuing Eminent Ecologist series. Deborah is the Elzada U. Clover Collegiate Professor and Chair of the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Michigan, USA. More than that, Deborah is a hugely influential community ecologist having published a large body of highly cited work investigating the processes underlying patterns in plant community dynamics. In recognition of her work we have selected 10 of her most influential papers published in the Journal of Ecology. To provide some context, Deborah has written a fascinating post for the Journal of Ecology blog. In addition, I was fortunate enough to interview Deborah in August 2014 during which we reflected over the insights, and controversies, arising from her work, as well as some of the non-ecological work that she has been involved with. This interview is available as a podcast.

We trust that you will enjoy reading, or perhaps even rereading in some cases, the selection of Deborah’s papers in this Virtual Issue that have been published within the Journal of Ecology.

David Gibson
Executive Editor, Journal of Ecology

Core publications by Deborah Goldberg in Journal of Ecology

Community assembly by limiting similarity vs. competitive hierarchies: testing the consequences of dispersion of individual traits
Tomáš Herben and Deborah E. Goldberg

Patterns and mechanisms of conspecific and heterospecific interactions in a dry perennial grassland
Emily C. Farrer and Deborah E. Goldberg

Seed mass, seedling size and neotropical tree seedling establishment
Christopher Baraloto, Pierre-Michel Forger and Deborah E. Goldberg

Root competition can cause a decline in diversity with increased productivity
Tara K. Rajaniemi, Victoria J. Allison and Deborah E. Goldberg

The effect of initial density on interactions between bryophytes at individual and community levels
Manuela Zamfir and Deborah E. Goldberg

Variation in the effects of vegetation and litter on recruitment across productivity gradients
Katharine N. Suding and Deborah E. Goldberg

Separating the effects of number of individuals sampled and competition on species diversity: an experimental and analytic approach
Deborah E. Goldberg and George F. Estabrook

On the Relative Importance of Competition in Unproductive Environments
Deborah Goldberg and Ariel Novoplansky

Competitive Effect and Response: Hierarchies and Correlated Traits in the Early Stages of Competition
Deborah E. Goldberg and Keith Landa

Competitive Effect and Response in Four Annual Plants
Deborah E. Goldberg and Linda Fleetwood

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