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The British Ecological Society and INTECOL will hold the 11th International Congress of Ecology in London as part of the society's centenary celebrations. The papers below are from a selection of keynote and plenary speakers, and represent one of the key themes of INTECOL – international collaboration. These papers all demonstrate international collaboration across multiple countries, in some cases as many as six or seven different countries. Together, they highlight the importance of international co-operation as the scope of ecology, and ecologists, grows wider.

A trait-based ecosystem model suggests that long-term responsiveness to rising atmospheric CO2 concentration is greater in slow-growing than fast-growing plants
Ashehad A. Ali, Belinda E. Medlyn, Kristine Y. Crous and Peter B. Reich

Risk avoidance in sympatric large carnivores: reactive or predictive?
Femke Broekhuis, Gabriele Cozzi, Marion Valeix, John W. McNutt and David W. Macdonald

Estimating the effect of temporally autocorrelated environments on the demography of density-independent age-structured populations
Steinar Engen, Bernt-Erik Sæther, Kenneth B. Armitage, Daniel T. Blumstein, Tim H. Clutton-Brock, F. Stephen Dobson, Marco Festa-Bianchet, Madan K. Oli and Arpat Ozgul

The ancient forests of La Gomera, Canary Islands, and their sensitivity to environmental change
Sandra Nogué, Lea de Nascimento, José María Fernández-Palacios, Robert J. Whittaker and Kathy J. Willis

Reproductive senescence in female Soay sheep: variation across traits and contributions of individual ageing and selective disappearance
Adam D. Hayward, Alastair J. Wilson, Jill G. Pilkington, Tim H. Clutton-Brock, Josephine M. Pemberton and Loeske E. B. Kruuk

Hedgerow trees and extended-width field margins enhance macro-moth diversity: implications for management
Thomas Merckx, Lorenzo Marini, Ruth E. Feber and David W. Macdonald

Downscaling of species distribution models: a hierarchical approach
Petr Keil, Jonathan Belmaker, Adam M. Wilson, Philip Unitt and Walter Jetz

Do niche-structured plant communities exhibit phylogenetic conservatism? A test case in an endemic clade
 Yoseph N. Araya, Jonathan Silvertown, David J. Gowing, Kevin J. McConway, H. P. Linder and Guy Midgley

Plant diversity and generation of ecosystem services at the landscape scale: expert knowledge assessment
Sandra Quijas, Louise E. Jackson, Manuel Maass, Bernhard Schmid, David Raffaelli and Patricia Balvanera

Why are there more arboreal ant species in primary than in secondary tropical forests?
Petr Klimes, Cliffson Idigel, Maling Rimandai, Tom M. Fayle, Milan Janda, George D. Weiblen and Vojtech Novotny

Landscape simplification and altitude affect biodiversity, herbivory and Andean potato yield
Katja Poveda, Eliana Martínez, Monica F. Kersch-Becker, Maria A. Bonilla and Teja Tscharntke

Interactive effects of landscape context constrain the effectiveness of local agri-environmental management
Elena D. Concepción, Mario Díaz, David Kleijn, András Báldi, Péter Batáry, Yann Clough, Doreen Gabriel, Felix Herzog, Andrea Holzschuh, Eva Knop, E. Jon P. Marshall, Teja Tscharntke and Jort Verhulst

Variation in monsoon precipitation drives spatial and temporal patterns of Larrea tridentata growth in the Sonoran Desert
Ryan A. Sponseller, Sharon J. Hall, David P. Huber, Nancy B. Grimm, Jason P. Kaye, Christopher M. Clark and Scott L. Collins

Reproductive allometry in Pedicularis species changes with elevation
Hui Guo, Jacob Weiner, Susan J. Mazer, Zhigang Zhao, Guozhen Du and Bo Li

Multifunctional shade-tree management in tropical agroforestry landscapes – a review
Teja Tscharntke, Yann Clough, Shonil A. Bhagwat, Damayanti Buchori, Heiko Faust, Dietrich Hertel, Dirk Hölscher, Jana Juhrbandt, Michael Kessler, Ivette Perfecto, Christoph Scherber, Götz Schroth, Edzo Veldkamp and Thomas C. Wanger

FDiversity: a software package for the integrated analysis of functional diversity
Fernando Casanoves, Laura Pla, Julio A. Di Rienzo and Sandra Díaz

Plant traits that predict resistance to herbivores
Diego Carmona, Marc J. Lajeunesse and Marc T.J. Johnson

Guild-specific patterns of species richness and host specialization in plant–herbivore food webs from a tropical forest
Vojtech Novotny, Scott E. Miller, Leontine Baje, Solomon Balagawi, Yves Basset, Lukas Cizek, Kathleen J. Craft, Francesca Dem, Richard A. I. Drew, Jiri Hulcr, Jan Leps, Owen T. Lewis, Rapo Pokon, Alan J. A. tewart, G. Allan Samuelson and George D. Weiblen

Positive interactions can increase size inequality in plant populations
Cheng-Jin Chu, Jacob Weiner, Fernando T. Maestre, Sa Xiao, You-Shi Wang, Qi Li, Jian-Li Yuan, Lu-Qiang Zhao, Zheng-Wei Ren and Gang Wang

The allometry of reproduction within plant populations
Jacob Weiner, Lesley G. Campbell, Joan Pin and Laura Echarte

Conservation value of cacao agroforestry for amphibians and reptiles in South-East Asia: combining correlative models with follow-up field experiments
 Thomas C. Wanger, Akbar Saro, Djoko T. Iskandar, Barry W. Brook, Navjot S. Sodhi, Yann Clough and Teja Tscharntke

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